Collection and Preparation


Recycling is collected once per week in all SOCRRA communities.  Place recycling out to curb by 7 am on your collection day.


Paper recyclables: place paper recyclables in paper or plastic grocery bag.  Shredded paper may be placed in a see-through plastic bag.  Place in recycling bin.

Plastic, metal, glass, and carton containers recyclables: empty and rinse plastic, metal, glass, and carton recyclables and set loose in recycling bin.

Household batteries: place is zip top bag and place in recycling bin.  Note: batteries are not recycled.

SOCRRA collects batteries curbside through the recycling program as a convenience to residents and so they may be properly disposed of.

Cardboard: residents may prepare their cardboard in one of the following ways.

  1. Unfold, flatten and bundle boxes with twine or tape, and place next to or under recycling bin.  Bundles must be no larger than your recycling bin.
  2. Unfold, flatten, and tightly stuff all boxes and paper items into a larger box, no larger than the size of your recycling bin.
  3. Residents of Birmingham Beverly Hills, and Royal Oak may set large empty appliance boxes next to recycling bin – no need to break down!  Make sure boxes are clear of packing materials and trash.